About Us

Danian Research- the trusted source for market intelligence and analysis.

Danian Research is an EU based company, striving to provide you with the intelligence and analytics you need for informed decision making.

We know how hard and intimidating capital markets sometimes can be. We’ve been there. It is our belief that what separates people in capital markets is their knowledge and experience in economics, capital markets, and risk management. Informed decision making in investing and trading is essential to provide us with a statistical edge in the markets. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, our mission is to give people accurate insight into the complex financial world through data-focused approach via publications, webinars, seminars, consultations, and analytical software.

Fundamentally driven trading

The topic of fundamental trading is somewhat controversial. If you ask an average retail trader they would tell you that fundamentals do not matter. In fact, they would tell you that fundamentals are worthless. However, if you were to ask a professional investment banker at a trading floor, they would tell you the exact opposite. Markets move because of fundamentals.
Moreover, this does not mean that we discard technical analysis. Quite the opposite. We believe technical analysis is essential for a trader/investor to choose an optimal entry for a position. Following price action is an important aspect of trading and can give us additional insight into what the big money is doing.
Therefore, we believe that every investment or trading decision has to be fundamentally driven and then based on a technical entry and price action. This is why our mission is to educate people on both. For it is the only way to make truly informed decisions.

Daniel Tsvetanov, CEO